Goodyear South Africa strives to keep dreams alive at Inxiweni Primary School in Tembisa

Celebrations in front of the library after Piotr Czyzyk, Goodyear South Africa Managing Director, and Ruth Tabu, Inxiweni Primary School Principal, cut the ribbon to officially open the library.

Goodyear South Africa strives to keep dreams alive at Inxiweni Primary School in Tembisa

This week, Goodyear has once again heeded to the call to bring smiles, cheers and laughter to 167 grade 7 learners at its partnering school, Inxiweni Primary School in Tembisa, Johannesburg. Working with the Keep A Dream Alive Project, Goodyear delivered 167 canvasses to the learners as well as officially opened the school library which has been donated by the multinational.

“This week has been filled with many proud moments for Goodyear South Africa as it is our wish to always take on impact-driven community projects. Our priority is to always make a meaningful difference in the lives of children,” said Piotr Czyzyk, Goodyear South Africa’s newly appointed Managing Director. The final visit to the school for the 2020 academic year has been a culmination of many events that took place during the course of the year.

In March of this year, Goodyear embarked on the first leg of the project as the learners wrote essays about what they envision to become when they grow up. Following this, a group of likeminded photographers belonging to the Keep A Dream Alive project visited the school to take portraits of the children dressed in their chosen careers. “This is always the moment that the children visualize their dreams! You see yourself a doctor in your white coat and putting on that hardhat hat and reflector vest as an engineer, makes them believe in the beauty of their dreams,” said Loyiso Mali, Keep A Dream Alive Project member.

The assembly area glistened with wide smiles from the learners and speaking on behalf of the grade 7 class at the canvass handover ceremony held at the school, Katlego Dlamini said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor because this pandemic opened my eyes that our country is in need of more doctors.”

Also, in March of this year, the construction for the library began. “The pandemic may have delayed the process, but it did not halt our desire to be part of building a reading nation. The official opening of the library is the second phase of our education programme with the school as we donated books for World Book Day in 2019,” added Czyzyk.

While speaking on behalf of the school, Inxiweni Primary School Principal, Ruth Tabu stated that the partnership between Goodyear and the school would bear many fruits and impact many learners. “I really thank Goodyear for the wonderful work they have done over the last two years. May it not stop but continue changing the lives of many people in our community,” Tabu said.

In his keynote address to the learners, Czyzyk stated that he was looking at 167 future leaders and he believed that each learner seated there would go onto to make a difference in the world. “As a Company, our dream is to witness many of you go on to become famous soccer coaches, successful judges, renowned scientists, and maybe even directors at Goodyear at one of our many operations across the globe. No matter where you may find yourself years from today, remember that every dream you have is valid. Remain confident that if you believe it, you can achieve it,” concluded Czyzyk.

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