Foundation drives down school breakfast cost to only R2.50 per meal

Foundation drives down school breakfast cost to only R2.50 per meal

Tiger Brands Foundation’s national operations manager, Karl Muller has revealed that the hot nutritious breakfast meal supplied to tens of thousands of learners in South Africa costs R2.50 – slightly more than a vetkoek (amagwinya).

“It’s not magic or rocket science-it’s simple economics,” says Muller.

“We have been able to leverage our bulk-buying power as well as our strategic relationship with food manufacturer Tiger Brands Group to drive down the cost of delivering a hot breakfast every school day to more than 74 000 learners in all nine provinces.”

Muller says the Foundation’s achievement shows that with commitment and relatively modest financial resources, all needy learners in South Africa can enjoy a hot nutritious breakfast every day.

The Foundation has been serving breakfast meals to learners since 2011.

Over the years, the Foundation has managed to keep a tight lid on the operations’ cost structure, making occasional adjustments in line with inflation.

“Since 2016, we have kept the increase in the cost per child per day to an average of 3 percent. This is half the average food price inflation for the same period. At present, it costs us only R2,50 to serve a child a hot cooked breakfast,” adds Muller.

Muller says the breakfast meal was designed with the help of a nutrition specialist.

With South Africa’s gross domestic product above $350 billion per annum, providing nutrition to deserving learners “at R2.50 per meal really should not be a big ask”, says Muller.

Nearly half the population in South Africa is food insecure and the number of people who go hungry is more than 14 million.

“When you factor in spin-offs from this breakfast programme, which includes injecting much-needed economic activity in areas where it is in place, it should be a no-brainer for any socially responsible corporate to get behind it.”

The Foundation is appealing to corporate South Africa to support the programme, either through a financial contribution or by delivering breakfast meals on their own.

“We will happily share with them the Foundation’s blueprint of the programme so that they may roll it out on their own in the communities of their choosing,” says Muller.

He says the Foundation’s long-term goal is to mobilise those with enough financial wherewithal to support the programme.

“This will ensure that every young learner has breakfast, every school day,” says Muller.

“We believe this is an achievable goal and together with our partners we will continue to work towards realising it.”


The Tiger Brands Foundation was established for broad based community impact, and will be for the benefit of non-fee paying schools, vulnerable groups in society as well as projects that promote sustainable livelihoods in the areas in which such non-fee paying schools exist. To achieve this vision, the Foundation established an in-school breakfast feeding programme to complement the lunch provided by the Department of Basic Education – National Schools Nutrition Programme (NSNP). We work closely with the NSNP team in the selection of schools with strict criteria applied to each school prior to the in-school programme being implemented.

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