Please Help Sadag this Festive Season

As the holiday season approaches, SADAG would like to thank both our public and our professional communities, who have helped us to accomplish so very much this year. SADAG ensures that reaching out and engaging with those with Mental Health Issues is still our priority. Whilst you read this plea, SADAG is responding to phone calls from throughout the country from people seeking assistance with Depression, Suicide, Bipolar or Panic. We provide our 24 hour service to help each person that calls our helpline and have over 150 dedicated volunteers to support callers concerns and questions.

I am writing as the Founder with a special request for help during the Christmas season. We are already facing high call volumes due to the Pandemic, which has resulted in people facing job losses, huge financial limitations, gender based violence, and our intervention is constantly needed due to the shortage of skilled care.

We had to move our telephone systems remotely as a result of the Pandemic and lockdown regulations so that we could continue helping our callers. This move and the increase in calls has resulted in financial stress. We are not funded by any of the government departments and neither are we subsidized by any telecommunications companies. SADAG survives on the generous donations of kind individuals, patients, and corporate donors.

On a daily basis our counselors assist by answering calls from individuals that are seeking help and support desperately. Our calls and cases vary, here are some that may show you the seriousness and need for our services.

▪ Male, from Katlehong, called us, extremely suicidal as he is unemployed and unable to provide for his family due to job scarcity and lockdown.
▪ Female, Mashishing, distressed as her husband physically abused her while she was bathing. All she wants is to leave, take her child, and travel to her family in the neighboring city.
▪ A husband called on behalf of his wife, she has been severely depressed and has been in bed crying for two weeks. They had just lost their son to COVID. He was desperately seeking help and how to deal with grief.
▪ A Male caller was preparing to take his life as he felt extremely lonely. His wife had moved out. He thought he’d speak to a counselor at SADAG before he took his life. The counselor helped him realize that there is still hope.
▪ Female, from Facebook, desperately seeking help as her partner that was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, who’s behavior became worse. Needed urgent treatment on a Sunday.
SADAG appeals for a Christmas Gift of R20, R50, R100, R500 or more. Your donation will allow us to help our callers, give them care and the critical advice or information that they need.

Please click DONATE below to donate and help us to help those in need of our assistance.

Zane M Wilson

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