Sunlight steps in to save seamstress’s small business after major setback


Sunlight steps in to save seamstress’s small business after major setback

Seamstress Leslia Moyo was overjoyed earlier this year when she received an order for 4500 face masks. But soon her joy was snuffed out when the client suddenly cancelled the order.

Not only were her hopes for a good profit dashed, but the 28-year-old was suddenly faced with losing everything, after investing in an industrial sewing machine and all the materials to deliver the order. The mother of two from Blairgowrie was devastated and desperate, trying to sell the machine on Facebook to pay her rent.

This could have easily ended up being another sad story to add to the many from 2020, but Leslia’s luck started turning around when her Facebook post came to the attention of Sunlight.

Sunlight South Africa is on a mission to support entrepreneurial African women in their desire to contribute more, so they can support their families and gain financial independence.

As a brand that has been part of South African lives and homes for many years and believes in offering better value, better quality and products that make the rand stretch further, Sunlight has decided to step up and offer support to some of the country’s hardest working and most important economic contributors – female small business owners.

When Sunlight became aware of Leslia’s situation they came up with a plan to help her fledgling business survive this major setback.

“Sunlight has been scouring the country for female entrepreneurial heroes who have been bold and innovative and pivoted their business offering during the pandemic so that we can acknowledge and support them and their businesses. We recognized that Leslia was one such person and saw an opportunity to help,” explained Lerato Dumisa Brand Manager at, Unilever Southern Africa

Leslia started sewing at school and has slowly built a small business, Leslia’s Sewing, where she makes picnic blankets, dog accessories, blankets, clothes and other items to support her family. She says that including masks in her offering was a successful addition and allowed her to put food on the table during this challenging time.

Sunlight purchased all 4500 masks from Leslia and decided with her input to distribute them to organisations that do good in her community. The masks will be donated to One Small Act of Kindness and the African Reclaimers Association, together with a small sachet of Sunlight’s new laundry power.

Leslia says she is overwhelmed with the support that Sunlight has given her.

“I would really like to thank Sunlight and really appreciate this with all my heart. Things were very hard. I didn’t have money for rent. I didn’t have food or things for my kids. I didn’t have anything at all. But once Sunlight supported me, I thanked God for this opportunity,” she said.

And this act of kindness was paid forward by Leslia. As soon as her immediate needs were met, she used some of her earnings to buy food parcels and delivered them to needy families. She is so delighted that her masks will go towards helping others too and is incredibly grateful that Sunlight’s contribution will allow her to continue to support her children.

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