AirFibre from MTN innovates to cross the digital cost divide, bringing fibre-quality internet to all South Africans

MTN today announced the launch of its Supersonic AirFibre offering, an innovative product that overcomes distance and a lack of infrastructure in urban, township and rural communities to bring fibre-quality connectivity to more households across the country.

“We are breaking down the traditional barriers to entry that have denied many access to a modern, connected life”, says Calvin Collett, Managing Director of MTN SA’s ISP: Supersonic. “From Soweto to Swellendam, we believe that every household deserves the speed and benefits of fibre-like connectivity, and through AirFibre we believe we can achieve this”.

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How to Make Sure Your Rental Rates Are Just Right in 2021

It is no secret that many industries have been hit hard by the 2020 pandemic with the rental industry being particularly vulnerable. As tenant’s income became unpredictable, many landlords were placed in the grey area between being understanding of changing economic circumstances and becoming an accidental financier of their tenant’s homes.

Shanaaz Trethewey, CEO of RentMaster, knows that the idea of a passive income always requires an active role, and she has seen from experience how quickly the rental process can turn from a charming idea to a real ordeal.

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Ticketpro makes it easy and convenient to buy your long-distance bus tickets

Ticketpro, a leading ticketing company and a member of the Blue Label Telecoms group of companies, has announced that it has added long-distance bus tickets to its portfolio of products and services.

“We are very excited to launch and add long-distance bus ticketing to our portfolio – it’s part of our evolution and strategy in bringing ticketing to the people of South Africa, to make it easier, saving time, saving money and more convenient for South Africans to buy tickets for their bus trips to other provinces and even neighbouring countries,” says Brandon Duffield, managing director of Ticketpro.

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Be prudent this Christmas and have a good New Year

Sager suggests that a first step towards not overspending during the festive season is to determine how much money your household will have until the next payday at end of January.

Then consider all the usual expenses such as bond repayments or rent, vehicle payment, insurance, food, petrol, rates, airtime and data and other regular costs. These should be fairly easy to work out by looking at bank statements going back a few months.

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Letter to the Editor

It’s holiday time again and for those of us who choose to have a home holiday and to endure the constant daily triggering of alarms of deserted homes of people gone on holiday.

It is also not fair to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Leaving it to family members, friends and neighbours to attend to the constant triggering of the alarm is just not fair to them.

This is most irritating and inconsiderate.

It is also a sure way of alerting criminals that there is nobody occupying the property.

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Tips to make sure your insurer has you covered this festive season

The festive season is upon us and despite the second wave of COVID-19 that has hit South Africa, some people may still opt to travel to different destinations to spend time with family and friends they haven’t seen since lockdown.

Government this week outlined updated rules for travelling requirements both locally and when entering or leaving the country, the tests required, as well as the quarantine periods. So, whether you have planned a long-distance road trip, travelling to a nearby location or neighbouring country, it is important to consider the health risks and not only prepare for the trip but also ensure that you are covered in case of any unfortunate event.

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MTN Pulse launches new bundles exclusively available to under 25’s

The new MTN Pulse bundles are exclusively available to the youth under the age of 25-years. These new bundles, which are available by dialing USSD *411# are designed to provide our customers with a variety of offers for calling, internet surfing, and social media. Customers will now have an option of choosing whether they want a data and voice bundle, data only or social media bundle at one price point. 

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Experience Festive Gifting Magic at Rosebank Mall

if you’re looking for a variety of gifting options for either yourself or a loved one, Rosebank Mall has all the options curated for you. All you have to do is come for a visit. Whether you’re looking for something a lot more artistic, artisan, crafted or finessed in fashion and beauty, Rosebank Mall’s gifting lane is the place to find it. And when you’re done shopping, take a stroll to the Greg Rollinson Pianos Extravaganza to take in some modern music. All COVID-19 protocols will be in place.

For more information on Rosebank Mall, visit

Follow Rosebank Mall socials on Twitter:@RosebankMall, Instagram:@rosebankmall and Facebook:@MallOfRosebank… Remember to share your festive magic at Rosebank Mall stories on social with the hashtag #RosebankMall #RosebankMallFestiveMagic.

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Eskom boosts women-owned plastic bricks maker

“I would encourage other SMEs to be brave and put their businesses out there and enter. I know when you think about competitions, you think about winning, but the process itself provides great value,” concludes Kedibone. SMEs in manufacturing, engineering/construction, trade/services and agriculture sectors can enter the competition on For support and assistance, small business owners should email Grounded Media on

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MTN SA Foundation’s strategic support initiatives bring hope, drive digital change during a tough 2020

Making a tangible difference to positively change lives remained key throughout the year and during the final quarter of 2020, when the learners had returned to school, the MTN SA Foundation ramped up its campaign to increase access to e-Learning by handing over multimedia centres at five no-fee-paying schools, and two in higher learning and training institutions. This built on the initiatives earlier in the year to zero-rate over 1 000 educational and public benefit websites to ensure those most in need had access to digitised curriculum during lockdown. The contribution of ICT technical equipment and support continues to build on existing partnerships with government countrywide.

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Introducing Siyakunakekela


Siyakunakekela’s mission is to effect tangible change in South Africa in the areas of Health, Education and Humanitarian Outreach. Founded by a collective of regular South African citizens who care, the organisation has committed to providing health and safety solutions for sanitation at schools and communities most in need. Built on the cornerstone of dignity, the organisation addresses societal crisis with 3 major pillars of solutions:

Gender based violence

Feminine hygiene



1: Gender Based Violence

While gender-based violence is not something unique to South Africa, the problems the country faces with increased rates of reported cases and deaths as a result are something no one can ignore. Adding to this, is the well-known fact that most crimes against women are done by people they trust, people they know or people that are within their close circle. Siyakunakekela seeks to address this at a grassroots level with the intention of making a real and tangible change.

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All the fields above are at the cutting edge of current technology, and are set to grow exponentially in future, says Payne.

“These are very exciting emerging opportunities, and prospective students interested in these fields should ensure they speak to a student advisor at their higher education institution of choice to enquire about how their offering matches these career paths. It is also important to ensure that the institution can show strong industry-connection and evidence of work-integrated learning that seeks to solve real-life scenarios in these fields, as theoretical foundation only will not be sufficient,” says Payne.

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“The spaces we operate in have made it impossible for women to lead without question or motive. The expectation that men can do better has been indoctrinated in our being and has caused us to think that women are not good enough.

“The world offers equal opportunities for all humankind but the people in power reserve all leadership positions for men. When women are given the opportunity, there are conditions. We all have equal opportunities, and that should always be applied.”

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Happy Reconciliation – Day 16 December 2020

It is noteworthy that most South Africans report they would like to interact more often with people from other race groups but cite language and confidence as the two greatest barriers.

This is ahead of other perceived factors such as lack of common ground, anxiety, or negative prior experiences.

It is obvious that true reconciliation is impossible unless we overcome the social and economic inequalities that persist in our society. It is only when the playing fields of opportunity are levelled and the lives of all South Africans improve that social cohesion will be strengthened.

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Managing the Holidays without Drinking

If you are worried about how you are going to cope over the festive season, or often turn to alcohol as a way to cope, or perhaps you are worried about a loved one or friend who needs help – please call SADAG and Department of Social Development 24 hour Substance Abuse Helpline 0800 12 13 14. You can also sms 32312 and a counsellor will call back to help. The helpline provides free telephone counselling, information and referrals to resources around the country. SADAG is open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year – there is always help and there is always hope.

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FCA Enables Kyalami 9 Hour Support

The Fiat Fullback – the most-driven 2019 bakkie in South Africa according to AutoTrader – will take the opportunity to prove its reliability, robustness, and practicality when doing track-side duty to keep the race going. In addition, Jeep will provide invaluable support to other critical behind-the-scenes functions that allow the show to go on. Wrangler, Renegade and Compass vehicles will be used by officials throughout the international motorsport weekend.

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Ford Performance Car Wash Trolleys for Local Entrepreneurs!

“Ford is for many things: creating jobs, boosting the economy, supporting worthy causes, investing in the youth, protecting our country’s wildlife, and the list goes on,” says Berry. “As part of our 97-year manufacturing history, we want to show our commitment to South Africa at all levels. Helping with these trolleys shows that even small but insightful gestures can make a big difference.”

“Twenty-twenty was a really tough year for someone like me in the car wash profession,” says Sizwe Khumalo, one of the recipients of the car wash trolleys.

“Now, thanks to Ford, we look forward to a new year that will allow us to work faster, look like race car drivers with the Ford Performance trolleys, and complete more speedy washes in a day. We are grateful to everyone at Ford for treating us like family and helping us to be even better at the work that we do here at the Silverton Assembly Plant.”

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Patience with Prayer

Don’t say I pray and ask Almighty God so many times, but why are my prayers not answered.
Why is The Creator
not responding?

Who are you to Question God Almighty?

Rather ask Almighty for sincere forgiveness in beautiful humble manner, and keep on asking,
He always hears
and will respond
when you least expect.
God Willing, Aameen. – Adam A Kola

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Today a total of 836 764 #COVID19 cases have been reported with 8 166 new cases. A cumulative 5 735 470 tests have been completed, of which 45 207 have been conducted since the last report. Regrettably, we report 173 more COVID-19 related deaths which brings the total to 22 747

Today a total of 836 764 #COVID19 cases have been reported with 8 166 new cases. A cumulative 5 735 470 tests have been completed, of which 45 207 have been conducted since the last report. Regrettably, we report 173 more COVID-19 related deaths which brings the total to 22 747

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Bolt launches Web App to make e-hailing services more accessible

Bolt Web App includes similar safety features to the mobile app, including sharing all of the driver and car details with passengers before the driver arrives, so that passengers can verify the driver’s identity before they get into a car. It’s also possible for passengers to share trip details with a trusted friend or family member, who can keep track of their journey.

Using the web-based app is easy: users head to the Bolt web-based application page and enter their phone number to receive a One-Time-PIN (OTP) to authorise their ride request. Once verified, they select their pick-up location and ride destination then choose the Bolt category they would like to use. When the trip is complete, the ride can be paid for in cash. Riders can still rate their trip and driver for their completed ride.

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Three global stages for Miss South Africa 2020’s Top Three

This year’s Miss South Africa top three contestants are set to represent the country on three different global stages in 2021.

Reigning Miss South Africa 2020 Shudufhadzo Musida will be participating in the Miss World pageant and will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of Rolene Strauss who took the title in 2014.

Thato Mosehle will be taking part in the Miss Supranational contest, the first person under the official Miss South Africa Organisation banner to do so as Miss Supranational South Africa 2020. Natasha Joubert will be the official South African entrant at the Miss Universe pageant as Miss Universe South Africa 2020.

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SADAGs Facebook Friday 11 December Online Chat discusses – Helping with the Holiday Blues

SADAG will be hosting a Free #FacebookFriday Online expert Q&A on Friday the 11th of December between 1pm and 2pm with Clinical Psychologist Judith Ancer, and again at 7pm to 8pm with Psychiatrist Dr Claire Lownie as they discuss the grief, stress, anger, sadness, and loneliness associated with the Holiday Blues.

The FREE online chat will help unpack dealing with the holiday blues, how to manage the additional stress, managing family conflict at all those extra family gatherings, how to recharge over the festive season and how to support a loved one with their own anxiety and depression. It is also an important opportunity to get more tips and tools on managing your mental health issues with regards to maintaining treatment and managing triggers. Join the live Facebook Friday online Q&A via the SADAG Facebook page.

To join the chat, please go to the SADAG Facebook Page – The South African Depression and Anxiety or click here or you can also join via the SADAG website . If you or your loved one needs help call SADAG on 0800 21 22 23 or SMS 31393 and a counsellor will call you.

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We need to create a safe society for children far beyond 16 day

The programme focuses on Grade 9 girl learners that we follow until Grade 12 from rural and township public schools in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, and Free State provinces. It has reached more than 1 300 girl learners from 137 public high schools.

“This has had a positive effect on the young girls in school, in their communities and their understanding of their role in the wider society,” says Podetti-Ngono.  

“However, it is time our young people feel safe and secure stepping outside of the basic-education premises to pursue their life-long role as Valued Citizens, so it is essential to work with government, law firms, corporate, higher education institutions and NGO’s committed to render sustainable programmes instead of events.

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“As Ithala we can make the financing process easy. Ithala SOC Limited offers affordable interest rates because we believe that every South African deserves access to affordable banking services.

“The Taxi Finance service offering provides incredible benefits for an ordinary South African to own a commercial vehicle in a period of up to 60 months, get competitive interest rates and the opportunity to create wealth.”

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Mmmmm mangoes are on the menu this summer!

There are two good things about this time of year – it’s summer and mangoes are back in season! Because the only thing better than holidays, are holidays filled with the fragrance and flavour of summer, which is exactly what you get every time you indulge in sweet, succulent mangoes.

Whether you’re heading for the ‘Berg, beach or bush these holidays, or taking it easy at home with afternoon and suppertime braais, put summer on your plate with tantalising mango mains, sides or desserts.

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2 Bedroom Apartment to rent in Lenasia

2 Bedroom apartment with cupboards Open plan lounge dining Full bathroom Ideal for a single person or a small family on Gemsbok Street in the CBD area
No parking. It is currently available at R3800.00 pm Including water Per paid lights. 2 months deposit plus current months rent is required from a qualified applicant. Conditions apply E&OE 0720571952

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Living life in colour with Sherri Andreas, BIC Soleil Brand Ambassador

BIC Soleil has announced their first-ever brand ambassadors, the three young women who have been selected will be tasked with motivating young women and helping them find their inner shine.

The three women are,Tumi Matela (25), who hails from Centurion, Pretoria, who says her purpose is to be a beacon of hope, to inspire change and encourage people to redefine and embrace their power. Amanda Nchukana, a 24-year-old Capetonian, saw the competition as a platform to guide others on the road to self-love, self-acceptance, and living a life of self-empowerment. Sherri Andreas (30), also from Cape Town, wants to teach young girls the importance of discovering and embracing their uniqueness, which will ultimately lead to a life of happiness.

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The Festive season is on our doorstep, and along with all the holiday excitement comes the anticipated high traffic volumes on various routes in and out of Gauteng.

In light of increased calls to escalate road safety and in a bid to curb fatalities on South Africa’s roads, Bakwena N1N4 has again partnered with Motus Corporation (Motus) and welcomes new vehicle sponsor, KIA Motors South Africa. The partnership with Motus starting in 2012, ensures visible policing during the peak holiday seasons.

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Five Easy-to-Implement Workouts for the Festive Season

The Festive Season can play havoc with your diet and exercise routines. With busy schedules, indulgent meals and festivities, it’s not surprising that our fitness often gets neglected. But there are ways to enjoy the celebrations and maintain your focus. Former Springbok rugby player, Stefan Terblanche, shares five fitness ideas that you can squeeze in without missing out on the fun.

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Think differently about paying back your debt this December

“As well as retailers encouraging spending, most people are on holiday and are spending more than usual. The result is that we often we see consumers picking and choosing which debts to pay over the festive period” says NDCA chairperson Benay Sager.

“The problem with this behaviour is that it usually drives up the cost of borrowing significantly because it negatively affects people’s credit ratings. Lenders consider consumers with poor credit scores higher risk and either won’t lend to them or charge higher interest rates to offset the risk.”

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Control your own environment (Mask, sanitiser and distancing)
Focus on the now – one thing at a time
Try to be patient with yourself and others
Find ways to show yourself love, kindness and compassion
Let your anxieties out – talking to friends and family about how you’re feeling so you’re all on the same page. Tell them:
You feel uncomfortable in crowded spaces
You might choose a spot furthest away from the crowd
“A simple conversation with each other to establish what can make everyone feel most comfortable is often all it takes. We need to balance our short term goals to feel connected and see those we love, with the long term goals of making sure we keep our loved ones alive to share many more years of celebrations,” concludes Scher.

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5 Insights to help you ask for what you want

One of the best-kept secrets in business and life today is having the gusto to go out into the world and ask for what you want. More people fail to try in life than those that actually fail at something. According to Jacqueline Raw, Owner and Founder of Ycagel this is because we’ve become so conditioned to shy away from pain or being uncomfortable. “Most of us play it safe, only taking risks if we are certain it will work out and therefor never really achieve our full potential.”

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Joburgs legendary shopping, dining, entertainment and nightlife is complimented by fabulous weather as well as an astonishing array of facilities like spectacular golf courses, gyms, spas, wellness centres which add to its appeal as a destination.
In line with our Welcome to Joburg A City Reimagined campaign, we invite you to enjoy exploring and experiencing Jozi, while adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols at all times.

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TLU SA warns about labour unrest

TLU SA suggests all farm owners take the following precautionary measures to protect themselves:
– Keep gates locked and ensure you have an explicit notice indicating private property and that trespassers will be prosecuted – the message should be in more than one language;
– Join a local safety structure;
– Get a response plan in place;
– Get experienced negotiators to speak to the trespassers;
– Plan with the local police on when and how to react;
– Get expert advice about laws relating to public gatherings, and trespassing;
– No personnel records may be shown to anyone without a warrant or the necessary identification.

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How a bakkie business can change your life

Winning a brand spanking new Nissan NP200 utility bakkie is certain to be life changing. This is the kind of prize that can enhance entrepreneurial dreams, create business opportunities and be a chance for winners to start something new. 

Entrepreneurship in South Africa is critical to solving the unemployment crisis. But for many it can be an upward struggle, even when given the right tools like a bakkie. Chief Executive of Sidar Group, Carl Bates, has assisted many SMEs and startups over the years. He advises potential bakkie winners to first test their ideas before doing anything else. 

Bates says, “Ask people if they’d commit to using your services. If they say yes, then you are onto something. In terms of finances, far too many people view cash flow as a problem. Rather see money as something which flows to a good idea. Avoid debt and perhaps pre-sell your services to get things going. And always think of how to scale your business right from the start. Make sure the problem you are solving with your business has a market big enough to keep growing.”

To enter Visit Cell C’s site more information on the Summer Campaign. 

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Business Investment Competition ready to boost another SMME

A report compiled by GEN 22 on Sloane, which offers startups funding opportunities and access to markets, notes that over 55 000 SMMEs in South Africa will not survive the COVID-19 global pandemic. A total of 92% of SMMEs’ business operations have been impacted and at least 42 350 of those working for these SMMEs will lose their jobs.

“This annual competition is that much more relevant this year, simply because our main purpose with the BIC is to boost enterprise development in a year that has seen small businesses challenged, stretched and some decimated,” Ramonotsi continued.

Entries for the competition are open from 4 December 2020 until 31 January 2021, at midnight.

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“Be aware that fraudsters are often well dressed, well-spoken and respectable looking individuals. If you are disturbed while transacting at the ATM, your card may possibly be skimmed by being removed and placed back into the ATM without your knowledge. Cancel the transaction immediately and report the incident using your bank’s Stop Card Toll free number, which is displayed on all ATMs, as well as on the back of your bank card,” says SABRIC CEO, Nischal Mewalall

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Developing Nestlé’s first Net Zero Dairy Farm in South Africa

“The Skimmelkrans project is a positive step in our sustainability journey.  In the context of yesterday’s global announcement by our CEO, Mark Schneider around redoubling efforts to combat climate change, we have committed to reaching a waste free and zero net emission future within Nestlé by 2050, building on decades of work already done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The project will scale the quality production of our dairy products therefore enhancing our consumer experience,” stated Saint-Francis Tohlang, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Director at Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region (ESAR).

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The Essentials which will be broadcast at 19H30 on Sunday, 6th December 2020 on SABC 3

The Essentials which will be broadcast at 19H30 on Sunday, 6th December 2020 on SABC 3.

This brand new documentary follows the lockdown experiences of ordinary South Africans. The Coronavirus pandemic has had devastating effects on humanity across the globe but it didn’t stop people to stand up and unite against an invisible enemy.
Follow filmmaker Dirk Smit’s journey as he discovers glimmers of hope, creativity and resilience in South African people.

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Neglecting women in sport is a missed opportunity for corporate SA

In South Africa there are many sporting codes that enjoy massive support, with big sponsors.

However, Motshidisi says there needs to be more support trickling down to women in sport.

She says this is a missed investment opportunity for corporate SA.

“Pay women well enough so that they do not have to worry about side hustles. Women in sport are not getting the financial support they deserve,” says Motshidisi, who is most famous for her role as a Rugby presenter/anchor.

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Nicolway’s new tenant shines a light on entire centre

Mall goes sustainable, installs a solar plant on the roof

The Nicolway Bryanston neighbourhood shopping centre has a new tenant, but it’s not one you can buy from. In fact, if you walk through the mall, you won’t even see it. This is because the new tenant is on the roof! Delivering on its commitment to become more sustainable, and use its space optimally, the popular centre in the northern suburb of Johannesburg now has a solar energy system on its roof.

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Livewell launches special programme for dementia caregivers who need a break this holiday season

“Caring for a person with dementia can be extremely demanding,” notes Gerhard van der Vyver, Family Advisor of Livewell. “The aim of respite care is to provide some relief for carers, and support them in having a break from their caring responsibilities, to look after their own health and wellbeing.”

“Unfortunately, many caregivers don’t even realise that respite care is an option. They push themselves to the point of actual illness before someone tells them that they can get help. As a primary caregiver, you know very well that your loved one depends on you. But they can’t depend on someone who is not caring for themselves as well,” he observes.

Respite care offers benefits to both the caregiver and the loved one with dementia while providing the opportunity for a well-deserved break even if they aren’t going anywhere. A break from the responsibilities of care means the caregiver can rejuvenate, spend time with their family and just focus on their own mental health.

For the loved one, Livewell offers people with dementia the opportunity to be well taken care of and to participate in activities in a safe and stimulating environment.

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Sunlight steps in to save seamstress’s small business after major setback

Leslia started sewing at school and has slowly built a small business, Leslia’s Sewing, where she makes picnic blankets, dog accessories, blankets, clothes and other items to support her family. She says that including masks in her offering was a successful addition and allowed her to put food on the table during this challenging time.

Sunlight purchased all 4500 masks from Leslia and decided with her input to distribute them to organisations that do good in her community. The masks will be donated to One Small Act of Kindness and the African Reclaimers Association, together with a small sachet of Sunlight’s new laundry power.

Leslia says she is overwhelmed with the support that Sunlight has given her.

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According to Gerard Metzer, General Manager of Durban Country Club, the idea to honour these sporting legends was birthed from the vision to keep the legacy that each of the captains created during their service alive. “So many of our sporting heroes have been forgotten, only to be remembered and commemorated on their death. We want to pay tribute to these legends whilst they are alive so that we #neverforget!”

He adds that it is with great pride and admiration that Durban Country Club is awarding South Africa’s greatest sporting leaders with an honorary membership, “We are incredibly privileged to now have them as esteemed members of our Club.”

This is just the first of many honorary captain events, as, according to Metzer, Durban Country Club aims to honour 100 Captains by 2022, their centenary year.

If you are a past Captain of a South African team, email

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