Letter to the Editor

It’s holiday time again and for those of us who choose to have a home holiday and to endure the constant daily triggering of alarms of deserted homes of people gone on holiday.

It is also not fair to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Leaving it to family members, friends and neighbours to attend to the constant triggering of the alarm is just not fair to them.

This is most irritating and inconsiderate.

It is also a sure way of alerting criminals that there is nobody occupying the property.

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Preventing false alarms assists with keeping you safe

Responding to alarm activations is a task all security companies take very seriously, but due to the sheer volume of alarm calls, effectively responding can be difficult. This is especially troubling because so many alarm activations are false alarms. Reducing false alarms will result in better service. Since false alarms are so prevalent, response times are not always ideal. In order to help us we urge home owners to assist with minimising false alarms.

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