Local hair care expert MPL, has been renowned for years as a specialist hair health brand that focuses on treatment products with the most appropriate ingredients to deliver best results primarily for women of colour. The all new MPL Clove Hairfood has been formulated using clove oil- extracted from the leaves, stem and buds of the clove tree. The hot and spicy oil is known to possess excellent amounts of antioxidants as well as being a rich source of calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A and C.

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Hair Rehab – How to Rehabilitate Your Hair

No matter how long you have been using harsh methods, if you start with the basics and have patience, your hair will recover. To unveil your inner goddess will take time so be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to adjust and recover. You are already beautiful, and your ideal hair is waiting for you, with a gentle approach, a holistic plan and a little time, it is only a few simple steps away.

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