Tomorrow’s Facebook Friday, Mental Health impact on Students during COVID19 – join us at 1pm – 2pm for LIVE Q&A

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SADAG has identified that people have been feeling more stressed and anxious since the start of lockdown which has shown the impact that widespread uncertainty and stress has had on the mental health of South Africans.

Students have also been impacted by COVID-19. Higher levels of distress and negative academic consequences for students are present in ”normal” circumstances and with the new learning and academic conditions students are finding themselves in, students are feeling even more stressed and anxious.

The physical distancing measures that have been out into place means that students have been forced into online learning formats which can worsen the stresses that students may be experiencing. Students are dealing with real-life issues and are having to navigate around their own anxieties around the disease.

Along with the new learning environments that may be difficult to study in, students are struggling to navigate around things like extra financial implications, lower levels of motivation, increased pressures to learn independently, interruption of normal daily routines and potentially dropping out of school or university. With this increased academic stress and the inability to rely on typical coping mechanisms such as family support structures, students are also struggling to cope with their own anxieties around potentially contracting COVID-19.

This kind of situation can be extremely harmful to the mental health of students as the pandemic has now added extra stressors on a population who is usually very anxious and stressed.The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an unprecedented mental health burden on students. Join the #FacebookFriday LIVE chat this Friday 7 August between 1pm-2pm as we offer FREE help and support and unpack all these challenges that south African students have been facing. Educational Psychologist, Chris Uitzinger discusses the Mental Health Impact on Students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris gives us expert advice and teaches us coping skills and piratical tools to cope better during COVID-19.

Join the chat via the SADAG Facebook page.
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If you’d like to ask your questions anonymously, email them to and we’ll post it on your behalf. Then, just watch the chat for answers.For more resources, online videos, breathing techniques, self-help tips and helpful apps – please visit SADAG’s website with tips, tools and resources to help you or a loved one manage anxiety, panic and stress. SADAG provides FREE telephonic counselling, support, information and nationwide referrals to Support Groups, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Clinics and more. To speak to a counsellor, call 0800 21 22 23 or SMS 31393 (7 days a week, 365 days a year).

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