Reduce your energy use outdoors and save money

Reduce your energy use outdoors and save money

Monday, 30 November 2020: Energy-saving options exist outside the home just as they do indoors, and by making the most of these opportunities homeowners can receive considerable benefits.

Learn how to make the most of your outdoor setup without using more energy than necessary. We would like to share some tips on how you can adapt your landscaping to be more energy conscious as well as change your outdoor activities and accessories that will assist you in reducing your energy usage and potentially increase savings on your electricity bill.

Plant trees to ensure shade

Planting trees can make a garden beautiful, attract birds and provide privacy for your garden. However, trees can also play an important role in helping reduce your home’s energy costs. Planting shade trees around a home could also cool down your home or reduce your air-conditioning costs.

Choose the right outdoor lighting options

Security at home is a concern for many and as a result we often leave our outside and garden lights on all evening as a precaution, however this could cost more money than necessary. You can use smart outdoor lighting by installing energy efficient motion sensor lighting which offers a simple and convenient way to light outside areas while reducing your electricity bill. Don’t forget to swap out the bulb in outside lights with light emitting diode (LED) lights.

Keep your pool sparkling

It’s important to make regular pool maintenance a priority. This will optimise the electricity usage of your pool pump. Clean areas in your pool with the least circulation by brushing the floor and walls of your pool at least once a week to remove debris that the pool cleaner misses. If an average household reduces their pool pump operating time by one hour per day, the annual demand reduction will be around 274kWh or approximately a R680.00 saving, depending on the electricity tariff.

Remember to keep an eye out and respond to the real-time Power Alert messages on SABC, eTV and DStv to help manage the strain on the electricity system. Together we can make a difference and keep the lights on.

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