A culture of care – Dis-Chem Pharmacies acknowledges its nurses

A culture of care – Dis-Chem Pharmacies acknowledges its nurses

For over 50 years, the 12th of May has been dedicated to recognising the crucial role that nurses play in patient wellbeing and recovery. This year more than ever, we celebrate the nurses who have put on a brave face for over a year and have gone the extra mile or three for their patients in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

International Nurses Day celebrates the birthday of the Lady of the Lamp, Florence Nightingale, who was not only a social reformist, but also played an integral part in the development of modern nursing that we know today. Almost two hundred years later the nursing profession is still underpinned by the philosophy she introduced.

Each Dis-Chem nurse plays a pivotal role in community health and wellbeing, with some going above and beyond their call of duty to make sure that the patients that come into their care are well looked after and loved.

Within Gauteng, one of the nurses who deserves a high-five is Ernst van Rensburg, who works at the K101 test site and warehouse clinics. Ernst is Dis-Chem’s best ambassador for both the clinic and the business, always going out of his way to assist wherever he can. He has a certain way with patients, always making sure that their best interests are looked after. His customer care and customer feedback skills are excellent, and he is always willing to assist patients be it during regular office hours, after hours, on weekends or public holidays. Respect and dignity underpin his patient-care, and a combination of knowledge and skills sees him giving every patient excellent medical advice.

Another nurse who deserves to be acknowledged is Sr. Bongani Ndlozi. Bongani, who has been working at Dis-Chem for two years, took on the challenge of opening the Tembisa Mall Dis-Chem clinic. He did it with ease and distinction, utilising the skills he has built over his time at Dis-Chem, as well as his positive attitude, to build a clinic that has become an integral healthcare provider to the community. In each element of the clinic, be it vaccinations, baby immunisations, wound care or general wellness check-ups, Bongani is the epitome of care and service excellence.

Lizeth Kruger, National Clinic Manager at Dis-Chem says, “Every one of the nurses who are a part of our business bring only the best to their work. They show integrity and passion in everything that they do, and even with the challenges and anxiety of the last year, they have collectively embraced the philosophy of care that is integral to the nursing profession. Their unwavering attention and commitment to every patient they see is testament to the value of the nursing profession and we salute our nurses who provide such a valuable service to our customers and community.”

Other notable nurses within the Gauteng region include Ilze Stander from Pretoria, and Portia Jacobs from Johannesburg. Portia is extremely dedicated, hardworking and thorough and has been highly praised by the Health Force doctors who consult remotely to Dis-Chem patients. Her patients are always her top priority, and she has played an integral role in the growth of the Ghandi clinic, which has seen a significant upswing in patient consultations.

Ilze Stander also epitomises the culture of caring. She is driven and ambitious, and her passion for nursing comes across in everything she does. No challenge is too big for her, and she is dedicated to giving her best no matter what. Her motivation lies in providing the finest patient and customer care, for both herself, and for the company. At the end of last year, Ilze opened the Castle Gate clinic in Pretoria and has already exceeded the patient consultation targets, clearly indicating the value placed by customers on the primary health offering via Dis-Chem clinics.

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