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CTIEC brings together hundreds of Protestors for Palestine

Hundreds of protesters gathered on Strandfontein Road on Sunday 23 May 2021 in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The event was organized by Cape Town Islamic Educational Centre (CTIEC) under the esteemed leadership of Moulana Sayed Imraan Ziyaee with the support of Al Jamah, Madressa Tayyibah, Hijazi Channel, RKP Attorneys, Faizal Sayed Show and Eagle Eye NHW, an estimated 700 people of various faiths gathered along the curbside of strandfontein road for the pro-Palestinian protests on Sunday.

Speeches were given by Member of Parliament the Hon Ganief Hendricks of the Al Jamah Party, Moulana Sayed Imraan of the CTIEC and South African Talk Show Host Faizal Sayed. All the speeches echoed the same sentiments of Freedom for Palestine.

Protesters, calling for an urgent resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, held banners and placards bearing messages reading: “Free Palestine” and “Down with Israel”.

They could be heard loudly chanting: “Free Palestine” while singing and waving their flags to passing motorists, support was not just the elderly but kids as young a 1 years old were seeing waving flags during the event.

The protest organisers, the CTIEC, decided to go ahead despite the announcement of a ceasefire on Friday after a 11-day Israeli bombing campaign that killed many Palestinians. The CTIEC attracted a huge attendance for the Southern Suburbs of Pelican Park, Eagle Park and Surrounds despite a less than 48 hour advertisement of the protest.

Member of Parliament Hon Ganief Hendricks addressed pro-Palestinian protesters at the gathering. While he emphasized: “We supporting the Discrimination legislation, we want to declare Zionism unlawful in South Africa, we want no place for them in South Africa and that includes the SA Jewish Board of Deputies and SA Zionist Federations, we will stand with Palestine”.

On a series of posts the organizers and its members called for an end to the violent and senseless attacks on the Palestinians by Apartheid Israel, they demand that the SA government implement sanctions on Israel.

Principal of CTIEC , Moulana Sayed Imraan Ziyaee made a bold statement during his address to the media: “Yes, a ceasefire has been negotiated and we welcome a ceasefire. Let’s be clear we will continue standing in support and to create awareness of the ongoing occurrences in Palestine, there will be no ceasefire in our campaign to boycott, disinvest and sanction the Israeli apartheid state.”

Another protestor, Mr Westhuizen, said: “I stand in solidarity with Palestinians, and so should everyone, no matter your race or religion. It’s great to see so many people come out to support the cause with such short notice.”

The protest lasted for approximately 2 hours before protestors marched back to the field to disperse. The CTIEC has thanked the community for their participation and efforts in supporting this Protest.

Pics: Sayed Ridhwaan and Zuleikha Omar | Hijazi Channel

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