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Horizon Newspaper Empowering Minds Since 1979

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Horizon Newspaper was established in August 1979, as a free community newspaper – A quality read for the whole family and a source of encouragement.

Horizon continues to serve the community today, and still strives towards creating a positive outlook by straying away from negative news.

This not only makes readers feels positive, but it also increases the shelf life of the newspaper and allows people to save articles and also share them with others, pushing its impact for advertising further and also attracting more intellectuals and a more discerned target market.

  • Horizon is aimed at social development, social reformation and self empowerment.
  • Horizon works towards the empowerment of the mind, the body & the soul. Our aim is to inspire.

We believe in being positive. We found “Reader’s Digest” to be an inspiration to us as and decided to bring that vibe to our community, for free. We believe that in order to change the world, we need to change ourselves. We try to encourage people to bring out the best in themselves, which in return will make us stronger as a nation and better as a society.

  • Our Areas or Circulation are:
  • * Eldorado Park * Ennerdale * Ormonde
    * Lenasia Ext. 9, 10, 13, Cbd * Anchorville
    * Signet Terrace Shopping Centre * Trade Route Mall
    * Azaadville * Fordsburg * Oriental Plaza


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other references; http://www.aip.org.za/member/horizon/



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For Sales, Kindly contact us via Phone, WhatsApp, E-mail or Sms

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A Different Kind of Company. A Different Kind of Newspaper.

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