Lockdown Level 2 Now Begins

*Brief as per President’s Address – 30 May 2021*

_Some points:_

* That South Africa will go to Adjusted Alert Level 2 tomorrow.
* Curfew will be between 23h00 – 04h00
* Non-essential establishments to close by 22h00.
* Indoor gatherings reduced to 100 people for indoor gatherings.
* Outdoor gathering reduced to 250 people.
* Where venues are too small, such places will only be allowed to accommodate 50% capacity.
* Under this new adjusted level 2 lockdown, faith based and political gatherings, will still be allowed provided they adhere to the new restrictions.
* Only a 100 people permitted to attend funerals and the proceedings will be limited to only 2 hours.
* Night vigils or ‘after tears’, gatherings where those attending play music and drink alcohol after the burial, will not be allowed.
* Mask are compulsory.
* Protocols need be followed at all times.

Take all necessary precautions.

#socialdistance #socialdistancing #stayhome #makeadifferrence

May the Almighty grant ease for all. Aameen.

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